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About Us

Here at Gemini Fitness studio, we pride ourselves in creating a supportive community that is non-threatening for any fitness level.

OUR SMALL GROUP TRAINING and ONE ON ONE training cater for ALL FITNESS LEVELS FROM BEGINNERS TO ADVANCED TRAINING so every session will be a challenge, while smashing out your individual goal we encourage one another as a fitness family.

Our boutique studio offer a variety of sessions from Strength to HIIT to many more! Our clients have a wide range of sessions that can be most suited for their goals or to try something new while keeping the workout enjoyable. Sessions commence early morning to evening with plenty of Membership options to suit your goals without spending a fortune.

Each group session is a 60 minute workout and can range from as little as 2 people to up to 18 maximum. This way you'll feel that you get the right training without being thrown into the deep end feeling lost. Our Trainers are full qualified to learn about your needs and capabilities from your visit!


All PROGRAMS written by our qualified trainers to suit all levels of fitness.

If this studio sounds like it's for you, download the MIND BODY app for your 7 day trial!


Meet The Team

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